What Is DO365 ?

Celebrating your Volunteerism

DO 365 's focus is to foster the celebration of volunteerism and our communities, while addressing ways communities, volunteers, businesses, and those in need can establish mutual trust, belonging and empowerment, especially during these tough economic times.

  • National Sign Up Day Events -- 12/31, 1/1, 7/4 and Labor Day -- "Sign Up! Party On!" -- encouraging nationwide volunteerism sign up opportunities at existing holiday parades, sporting events and gatherings, and inviting fun Day One January 1st festivals in towns that don't yet have new year's celebrations. DO 365 hopes to lobby for a Congressional Resolution and Presidential Proclamation for official recognition for the benfits of nationwide sign up days for communities.
  • A year-round resource portal for connecting individuals, communities and organizations to assist their collaborative Service Sign Up efforts
Day One 365 is a public/private/non profit initiative proposal, in response to The Edward M. Kennedy Serve America Act’s call for innovative, inclusive, collaborative campaigns, which promote service for all Americans.

Day One 365 is a project of UnConventional Works, whose projects encourage civic education, dialogue and participation, believing that the combination of individual experience, education and the face-to-face understanding of a wide range of view points is the only way that a democracy can instill societal knowledge, justice, equality and happiness. Crystal Syben Haidl is the founder.