Service Sign Ups - National and Local Sites

Spur of the moment volunteerism is a great thing to do. But when you can plan ahead, signing up before you intend to volunteer has a lot of benefits for you and the groups you are volunteering for.
  • many organizations will keep you up to date before the event by email or text
  • the earlier you sign up, you'll have more chances to find a time and task that fits your skills best 
  • you can anticipate and plan your day, and ensure you have the contact and location info
  • your planned pledge to volunteer helps organizations plan their schedules better, too.
This is a very preliminay list of Online and Onland Sign Up locations.
Please check back throughout the year. We welcome your additional links and corrections.
Also, please check our 2011 Calendar for local and national event opportunities.

National Days of Service Online Sites

MLK National Day of Service
9/11 National Day of Service and Rembrance

Nationwide Sites

States and Towns

Fort Lauderdale


Newark, NJ

New York
New York City (official)
New York City

Nashville, TN

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