Wednesday, December 27, 2006

2006 Technology Heroes

“What will you DO to Help Our World ?”
CALL FOR TECH HELP Community to Launch
a NEW YEARS RESOLUTION 2007 Site by 12/28/06
(and accepting all hands on deck after that date, too!)

Hi Everyone--

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year to you and your families.

We’re launching a late-start New Year’s Resolution site on 12/28 that a very well known progressive blog (2.3 million visitors/month) is willing to promote. The site (currently just a logo and the simple sentence) will be community and resource intense, asking people “What will YOU DO to help Our World in 2007?” The site will be non-partisan, connecting voices and link-rich for resources, and very real (not just the photo-ops of helping others, but addressing the conflicts, too). The potential for celeb and expert column outreach, revisits from users for updates and networking, and media is strong over the entire year.

…And yeah, I just got the idea for this website a week ago…just in time for everyone’s holiday scheduling.

Due 12/28 or 12/29 ----Most desperately, we need a cgi form uploaded for users to log/promise what they will do to help our world—simple fields of initials and a “promise” sentence.

We also need help in these areas, but not as desperately, at this point (I’m not tech, so please forgive my lack of lexicon)

  • some design help for a simple, yet effective, user attracting portal
  • registration form with several fields that can be open access for all members
  • rolling banner of people’s new year resolutions, updated automatically
  • enabling users’ video uploads to our site courtesy coding
    (to be operational mid-January, though December 31 eve would delight us all, even
  • a fantasy? SMS to website ability --January 1-- anyone?
  • social networking—12/28 onward, especially for 12/31 and 1/1 registrations
  • web marketing expertise

The site will grow with a more full launch mid-late January 2007. Let us know your interests in continuing the momentum.


  • Name Credit and hyperlink
  • compensation if we get any financial support. The business plan is anticipated to have a non-profit sponsorship/foundation revenue base.
  • My forever gratitude for taking time out of your heavy schedule to help launch this site.

Contact Crystal vm: 215 680 2020

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Anonymous said...

I'd be very happy to work with you to build the social network platform and can do so in less 24 hours..just give me the green light and I can create it for you.